Jews are often referred as the People of the Book.  At Temple Beth Jacob, we value study and provide many opportunities for education.

Our pre-school, Al Galgalim (literally "Training Wheels"), meets approximately once a month.  For more information about this program and other educational resources for this age and stage, visit our Early Childhood education page. 

Our Religious School involves grades K through 10.  Grades K-7 meet Sunday mornings from 9-12.  Grades 5-7 also meet Monday evenings, as does Grades 8-10 (Confirmation Academy).  Bar/Bat Mitzvah training takes place with the Rabbi. For more information about what's happening in our Religous School, please visit the Religious School page. 

At Temple Beth Jacob, opportunities for learning don't stop once you become a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or once you become confirmmed.  Our Adult Ed offerings include post-confirmation, book discussion groups and weekly Torah Study groups.  Please check out either the calendar or the Adult Ed page for more information.

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