Religious School

Temple Beth Jacob brings together a thriving community of families with a commitment to the religious education of their children. The heart and soul of TBJ is alive on Sunday mornings, when as many as 100 students bring their energy, high spirits and questions to their Judaica and Hebrew lessons.
The Religious School is under direction of the Rabbi and a trained educator who serves as principal. A team of volunteer teachers guide the students from Kindergarten through ninth grade, exploring their Jewish heritage through music, text and prayer. The giggles of children making latkes in the temple kitchen, or learning a traditional Jewish dance one week, are the same children earnestly discussing the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 the next week.
Hebrew studies begin in Kindergarten and gradually intensify each year until students are ready to prepare for their B’nei Mitzvah in seventh grade. TBJ students are so comfortable on the Bima by the time they are called to the Torah, that most boys and girls conduct both the Friday evening and the Saturday morning Shabbatservices.
Confirmation and Post-Confirmation classes are offered to keep the TBJ youth connected to their Judaism, and field trips to museums in New York City and Washington, DC are well attended. TBJ youth are also active members of CONTY, which is affiliated with the North American Federation of Temple Youth.
The TBJ religious school provides the environment for children to learn and grow, while developing a positive sense of self and commitment to their Jewish values. Their spirit of love and hope is embraced by the congregation, and keeps TBJ an exciting and vibrant place to worship.